Take your audience on an unforgettable journey with Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR)

A computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way by a person using head mounted device (HMD) also known as VR Headset. Virtual reality provides immersive experience of virtual world in real world which can be used in many sectors like Education, Gaming, Real-estate, Industrial training, Health Care, Brand Engagement and Theme parks etc.

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VR for Games

Now is the time where gaming trends are getting change and core gamers are looking for more realistic gaming experience. Virtual Reality Devices are filling this gap by providing realistic immersive gaming experience in real world. Nilee Games and Future Technologies on its level best of understanding these technologies and welcoming publishers to join hand with us to work towards this future technology.

VR for Architecture & Real Estate

Engineering and Constructions are one of the most successful industries and now days many technologies are being used within this industry to ease the process Virtual Reality is one of them which is allowing architects and designers to create 3D buildings and structures to get immersive experience of the project in real time before actually built. This will help them to work efficiently without error because it works on real matrix.

Virtual Reality is transforming the entire real estate ecosystem and helping builders / developers to achieve maximum benefits and maximize their revenue, through VR buyers will get the immersive experience of property on smart phone using VR devices.

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VR for Health Care

Virtual Reality is rapidly making its presence within Health Care industry and can be used for both patients and doctors. Physiotherapist and Physiatrist are accepting virtual reality as a tool for their patients and in medical education Virtual Reality is playing a great role. Fully immersive 3D operating room simulations can be used to train young doctors in real life situations, helping them to gain experience, become more confident, and be able to make the instant decisions necessary in order to save lives. Nilee Games and Future Technologies has expertise to understand medical domain and joining hand with this industry to provide world class service and products.

VR for Industrial Training

Virtual Reality has come too far in Industrial Training, Real Shoot or 3D Model of any location within industry reach can be seen through Virtual Reality and Interactive learning through them making is adequate. Now employees / engineers can take part of induction training of the company sitting at any location of the world and learn to build the process or instruments. The immersive experience and visual representation deliver fast learning, which is important of any industry. Nilee Games and Future Technologies will help you achieve your aim and our engineers will replicate your exact vision in Virtual Reality.

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VR for Theme Parks & Game Zones

Nilee Games and Future Technologies are working on Virtual Reality Theme Parks and Game Zones, we provide gaming consoles and virtual reality simulators like Real Cricket Simulator, Standing Roller Coaster, Oval Shaped 2 sitter simulator, VR cycle simulator, walking to dead simulator (Vertigo), VR flight simulator, VR shooting game simulator, 9D/11D Cinema Theater setup. We provide end to end solution and help you to build world class indoor Theme Park and Game Zone. Virtual reality marketing is booming and this is the right time to grab the opportunity to enter into this emerging entertainment market.

VR for Brand Promotion

Virtual Reality has come too far and is ready to excite growing consumer market with immersive experience of the product. Consumers are now days looking to get as much as real experience of the product as possible before buying. Virtual Reality gives that power to showcase your product in unique way in virtual reality, which would be 360 degree immersive experience and can be used for all industries like Oil & Gas, Consumer Goods, Auto Mobile, Fashion, Interior Decoration, Real-Estate, Big Machineries, Hotel Industry, Health Care etc. Virtual Reality can be used in Business to customer (B2C) as well Business to Business (B2B) and can become a money earning asset for you.

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