Increase your company's productivity and attract numbers of customers through Gamification

Gamification in Business

Gamification is a process of seeding information and mapping competencies psychologically into user's brain, which is in the result of change in their behavior by adding game mechanics within business process. Game mechanics include points, achievement badges, virtual currency, progress bars, contests, rankings, leaderboards and levels. By incorporating game mechanics into non-game activities, we can trigger a particular behaviour that leads to achievement of the desired outcome.

Gamification fo Employees Nilee Games

Gamification for customers Nilee Games

Key Areas of Implementation

To get growth in business, Companies are focusing on two core areas of implementation, Employees and Customers.

For employees, Implementation key areas are HR Management, Sales and Marketing and Innovation Management. To increase the performance of their employees companies often implement employee reward programs. Since all humans possess an innate need to be recognized and appreciated, such programs are a great incentive to stimulate the desire of the employees to achieve more and perform better.

For customers, Companies gamify marketing strategies to boost customer engagement and loyalty, increase brand awareness and consequently generate greater profits.

Benefit of Gamification

Nowadays, people crave for more reward, recognition and engagement from experiences than ever before. When gamification is implemented effectively, things turn out to be engaging enough to keep customers and employees focused on them for a long period of time. Using game mechanics correctly has proven to be successful in means to engage people, motivate them to change behavior in order to solve problems effectively and have a positive impact on business growth and profitability.

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