eLearning and Game Based Learning

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eLearning and Technology

In past few years eLearning has evolved a lot in terms of technology, this has led Nilee Games and Future Technologies to provide eLearning solutions with innovative technologies like HTML5, AR, VR and MR. The learning management systems are now also getting evolved in more creative way which are Adobe Captivate, Articulate, iSpring and Moodle etc. Nilee Games and Future Technologies has solution for your all eLearning issues within the organization and we simplify the process so it actually deliver edutainment experience.

Augmented Reality Learning Solution Nilee Games

Game Based Learning Nilee Games

Game Based Learning (GBL)

GBL is specially designed games based on subject matter within gameplay which is in the result of delivering learning experience to the user, GBL is very different than GAMIFICATION, whereas GBL more focus of delivering learning outcome from game. Game based learning can be as small as kids mathematical games and as big as virtual simulated environmental games which can be used in anywhere from classrooms to big organizations.