Our Services

Nilee Games and Future Technologies Pvt. Ltd. itself signifies that we are working towards the never ending future technologies. We have three core verticals within the company which makes Nilee Games and Future Technologies a 360 degree service provider, those are Gaming, Future Technologies, and Animation & VFX and each vertical has its own expertise in their core area of working.

Our Services


Nilee Games and Future Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provides game and application development solutions for Online, Offline, Android, iOS, Gaming consoles, Handheld and Desktop to game publishers and Studios, e-Learning companies, Advertising companies, Film & Series production houses, and Corporate companies around the world.

Gamification is now in trend, where corporate companies are now using gamification as a learning tool for their employees and marketing tool for their customers. Gamification basically is a process of seeding important information and mapping competencies psychologically into user’s mind, which results in the change of their behaviour and thereby increases the productivity within the company and sales from customers, which can be achieved through specially designed Mobile or PC games. Gamification for employees and customers work differently and require a deep understanding of their market segment and consumer behaviour.

Future Technologies

Our technology vertical works on product and services in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Simulation, Motion Sensing, Embedded Systems, Robotics, and Custom Made Technologies, which can be used in various sectors like Entertainment, Media, Publishing, Pharmaceutical Companies, Housing Company, Manufacturing Companies, Consumer Goods, Education, Retail Market, Banking, Engineering and Construction, Hi-Tech, Automobile Industries, Health Care, Theme Parks, etc.

Animation and VFX

Animation and VFX vertical, plays a very important role in providing quality graphics and VFX for all the projects they undertake, along with this they also work on other Animation and VFX projects and provide services all over the world.

List of the services includes below

  • Android and iOS based Game Development
  • HTML5 based Game Development
  • Gamification for Companies
  • E-learning Development for Companies
  • Augmented Reality Application / Game Development
  • Virtual Reality Application / Game Development
  • Custom Made Technology Development
  • AT / BTL Activity
  • Game Art/Animation
  • VFX for Films and Series

Industries we work for

  • Gaming Development for Game Publishers
  • Entertainment, Films and Media
  • Retaill Industry
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Banking Sector
  • Auto-mobile Industry
  • Engineering and Construction
  • Hi-Tech
  • Health Care
  • Housing
  • Theme Park / Indoor Gaming Zone