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HTML5 Expert

HTML5 is multiplatform technology which allow you to create onetime and deploy on several platforms. It is largely being used in online gaming and applications. We also sale ready HTML5 games on exclusive and non-exclusive license and looking for distributors to work with us on revenue share model.

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best virtualreality virtual reality augmented Htc vive oculus cardboard gear wear wearable hmd mobile gaming game app development company studio india mumbai bangalore hyderabad delhi
Innovative Technologies

Early adoption of innovative technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Motion Sensing, Touch based interface etc. will allow you to deliver correct information to connect with your customers quickly.
Cost starts at just $18 / Hour

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Business with us

We value project timelines, costing and quality, having expertise in-house to deliver prototypes and entire project, we are one stop solution for your need in Gaming, Future Technology, Mobile App, Gamification etc. and we work with all industries.
Cost starts at just $ 12 / Hour

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Android iOS HTML5 AR VR MR Game Developers Nilee Games

Nilee Games provide a wide range of Game Development services for Android, iOS, Feature Phones, Set-top box, Smart TVs and consoles. Our expertise lies under one roof from conceptualization till final product.

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html5 game development developer company nilee games nileegammes

HTML5 technology brings best gaming experience on mobile and desktop browsers and its multiplatform nature makes it unique which works on almost all browsers and platforms. It’s a very cost effective technology.

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casino game developers nileegammes

There is a huge demand of casino games some of which are Rummy, Poker, Teen-Patti, Roulette, Blackjack, Slot, Keno etc. We at Nilee Games has casino game development expertise and some of games are ready to live.

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augmented reality AR game app developer nileegammes

Nilee Games provides topnotch quality of Engrossing and Captivating Augmented Reality Games and Applications for a diverse range of Industries like Gaming, Architecture and Real-Estate, Health-Care, Retail Industry, Industrial Training, Automobile, Oil and gas and Entertainment etc.

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virtual reality VR game app developers nileegammes

Virtual Reality is magically creating its benchmark as one of the essential tools for entertainment, learning and marketing which gives immersive experience to the user to experience 360 degree of virtual world and being used in almost all industries for increasing their sales and productivity.

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gamification game app development company nileegammes

Gamification is transforming business models by creating new ways to extend relationships, craft longer-term engagement to customer and employee loyalty. It’s a process of adding gaming elements to the entire process to engage customers and increase productivity within employees.

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e learning learning based game developers nileegames

Over the course of the last decade, eLearning and learning based games has evolved a lot with different requirements emerging out of diversified domains. We at Nilee Games has expertise working on learning applications based on customer’s requirements on various platforms.

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Android iOS Application App developers nileegames

Nowadays some mobile applications are making huge success and became standalone Billion Dollar Company, we at Nilee Games and Future Technologies our customer’s privacy and help them to develop best product on long lasting technology along with lifetime support.

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Gaming Event Game Zone Companies Company nileegames
Gaming Events | Game Zone

Future Technologies are transforming the entire amusement market segment into Indoor futuristic game zone without losing excitement and user experience. Now user can experience more innovative thrilling rides and games. We provide futuristic gaming consoles on Rent and Sale.

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Tools & Technologies

Unity 3D Development
Unity 3D

Unity 3D is all about technology that is both uniquely usable and extremely powerful. It is being used for best quality 2D&3D games and deployment on multiple platform through unity 3D is quite simple.

HTML5 Game Development

HTML5 is a multiple platform browser based technology which helps to run browser based application on Desktop, Mobile, Set-top box, Smart TV and various browser support devices.

Unreal Game Development

Unreal is an extremely powerful game engine provides pool of functionalities which being used to create gaming applications, simulation projects for industries, AR and VR applications.

Cocos2D-x Game Development

Cocos2d-x is a cross platform open source 2D game engine for mobile game and app development known for its speed, stability and light weight. This engine revolutionary become successful because of its features.

XAMARIN App Development

Xamarin is a mobile app development software with great functionalities, it can deliver native applications on Android, iOS and Windows platform with existing programming languages like Java, C#, Objective-C etc.

Phone Game Cross Platform App / Game Development
Phone Gap

PhoneGap is a software development framework, which is used to develop mobile applications with HTML5 technology. This is yet another powerful tools for multiplatform deployment along with web.

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Nilee Games: Working Towards the Never Ending Future Technologies

Nilee Games: Working Towards the Never Ending Future Technologies

Games have influenced human life from ages. It is the means of entertainment where wisdom and tactics amalgamate to break the obstacles to win the goal.

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Nilee Games create Darr at the mall movie game app

Nilee Games create Darr at the mall movie game app

The game play of Darr@the Mall is picked from the movie, where Jimmy Shergill, who plays Vishnu the security head of a mall, needs to finish multiple missions to free the owners and their kids from the Mall.

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Nilee Games launches Brainy Dogs a unique puzzler

Nilee Games launches Brainy Dogs a unique puzzler

An intelligent dog trying to reach for the bone through a puzzle sounds to be an interesting concept that has never been tried before.

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